The Stray Sheep Bar

The Stray Sheep is a friendly bar with a warm atmosphere, located in the Lavender Beds, Plot 3 Ward 11 on Lich Server, on the Data Center of Light.

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    The longest running weekly venue on Lich since 2017
    SVE's Venue of the Year winner 2020 and 2021

    About Us

    The Bar

    The Stray Sheep is a friendly bar with a warm atmosphere, hosting events for Lich server, and a hub for roleplay. We are located in the Lavender Beds, Plot 3 Ward 11 and are open for business on Sunday evenings. The bar is also free to use during the week for roleplay if it is not already in use.
    We host our own events but are also available for hire for an event of your own. Check the events page for more information.

    Private Bar

    We now have a private bar available for use in private chambers #2. This bar is available at all times and is to be used when patrons would like a quieter space to drink. This bar is run by Chadki Qestir, who is of no relation to Chad, but also does not appear to be able to speak.
    Please let a member of staff know if you will be using the private bar so we can keep track of people inside to stop it becoming overcrowded.

    Etiquette at the Stray Sheep

    We care about safety at the Stray Sheep, and ask our visitors to follow the below rules:

    Please refrain from using magic inside the premisesPlease put all weapons in the changing room area to the left of the bar (right of the stage)Any disagreements must be taken outside - no fighting inside the premisesNo ERP, explicit activity, or nudity. Our venue is safe for work and safe for all ages.Please refrain from talking about the latest patch main story and keep public chat spoiler free.Please show respect to the staff and patrons, we have security on hand and will escort you from the bar or ban you if we deem you undesirableNon roleplayers are welcome to come and visit, but please show respect for those RPing and do not run around, jump on the furniture or spam the chat with emotes or out of character (OOC) chat.

    Please speak to the bartenders or Chad (NPC) to order.

    Thank you and we hope you enjoy your visit!

    The Staff

    Mina and Minato Kimura - The Owners

    The siblings Mina and Minato Kimura are the owners of the Stray Sheep bar and FC, working together to organise events and run the bar. Minato is the quieter of the two, shying away from the hosting duties and preferring to serve behind the bar, whereas Mina is more outgoing, and loves to be the center of attention.

    Silvy Rosethorne - Bartender

    One of our oldest members of staff at the Sheep, Silvy loves to create interesting drinks challenges for our patrons, which are deceptively difficult to beat! She also hosts exciting events for the bar, namely her ever popular Singles Nights.

    Lilac Yatsuragi - Bartender and Security
    Lilac is a part time barmaid at the Sheep, showing up to cover for Silvy in most cases or while she has time off from her little 'adventures' . She's not as skilled in making drinks as most of the other older members, but still she gives every drink her all. She especially loves making hot chocolate, adding a lot of cream to the top.

    Mjern Hyskaris - Bartender and Security
    A soft-spoken Viera behind the bar. While she's friendly, it's not easy to gain her trust but she will lend you your ear as much as possible. You can occasionally see her on the stage entertaining guests with a dance.

    Amethia Almendine - Bartender
    (info TBC)

    C'lahn Tia - Bartender
    (info TBC)

    Kairi Satomi - Security
    (info TBC)

    Hide Mori - Bartender
    (info TBC)

    Chad McGee - Bartender (NPC)
    The ever quiet man behind the bar, Chad is always there to serve drinks without uttering a word, and will always listen to your stories. He will never complain. Or will he?

    Chadki Qestir - Bartender (NPC)
    Another man of few words, but only because he cannot speak at all. This doesn't hinder him from serving the private bar all by himself. Just don't ask him to tell a joke.

    The Fellowsheep

    The Stray Sheep has our own fellowship! If you would like to join the Fellowsheep, look for us on the fellowship finder or let Mina Kimura know!

    Partner Venues and communities

    Interested in partnering with The Stray Sheep? Please contact Mina in game or on Discord (Frainy#5826) or submit a contact form using the button below:

    Regular Events

    Open bar Sundays
    7:00pm GMT/BST Every Sunday

    Monthly Open Stage Nights
    Last Sunday of every month, 7:00pm GMT/BST

    Special Events

    Our biggest events are shown in bold text.

    EventProvisional Date (2021)
    Singles NightFebruary 14th
    Improv NightMarch 14th
    Spring PromApril 11th
    Open Stage NightMay 30th
    Open Stage NightJun 27th
    Open Stage NightJul 25th
    Moonfire at the SheepAugust 22nd
    Open Stage NightAug 29th
    Open Stage NightSep 26th
    All Saint's WakeOctober 31st
    Open Stage NightNov 28th
    Starlight BallDecember 19th

    Booking an event

    Want to host your event at our bar?

    Contact us with your requirements and we can make it happen!

    Just let us know what kind of event you’re wanting to host, how long you want the event to last, how many staff members you’ll require on site, if you’d like entertainment such as performers and any other requirements such as specific music for the orchestrion.

    Main Bar (weekdays except Sunday)200k per hour
    Main Bar (Sunday evening)400k per hour
    Private Bar (any day)100k per hour
    MusicDepending on orchestrion
    Solo Bard100k per hour
    Duet or Trio Bards200k per hour
    Full Band (MEWS)500k per hour
    Staff50k per hour per staff member

    There is a separate price for private room and main bar, as well as a more expensive price to use the bar on a Sunday as this is our weekly opening time to the public. This includes use of the whole FC mansion including outdoor grounds.

    Music - orchestrions to be purchased - Mina has a lot but the character that has the private room does not have as many.
    Bard - Music provided by Mina and her band MEWS. Song list will be provided and you can choose songs from the list.
    Decorations - any Sheep don't have need to be purchased.
    Staff - 50k per staff member on site. Base rate comes with one staff or NPC, but only drinks will be served with no hosting capabilities. You will be expected to 'host' the event yourself. Mina can assist with hosting, with payment of 50k.
    Advertisement - you will be expected to advertise and promote your event, however if you'd like us to create a poster or share one around this will be free of charge.

    We require at least 1-2 weeks in advance to communicate and plan the event.

    Speak to Mina Kimura in game or on Discord (Frainy#5826) for more information. Alternatively you can submit a contact form using the button below.

    Want to join our FC?

    Enjoy RP? Want to help with running our bar? Or do you simply want to join a close group of friends as we clear content in XIV?

    The Stray Sheep are now open for recruitment! Put in an application or contact Mina Kimura in game or on Discord (Frainy#5826) to find out more, or click on the button below to submit a contact form.

    Check out our Lodestone page here!

    Want to work at the bar?

    Ever wanted to help running a busy bar? Think you have the skills you need to pour the perfect drink? The Stray Sheep are looking for you!

    You don’t have to be a part of the FC to be able to work behind the bar, you just simply need to be available for some bar nights and events. Full training will be given on the job, with an assessment at the end.

    Not interested in bartending? We can offer other roles such as security and performing. Have an idea for something new? Let us know!

    Interested? Speak to Mina Kimura in game or on Discord (Frainy#5826) or click the link below to submit a application form.
    Application Form



    The event that started it all...


    Spring Prom


    All Saints Wake

    Starlight ball


    Spring Prom


    All Saints Wake

    Starlight ball


    Spring Prom


    All Saints Wake

    Starlight ball

    Additional pictures provided by Penny Snowflake


    Singles Night

    Additional pictures provided by Pixhie Neva

    Spring Prom

    Additional pictures provided by Lark Weaver, Kyru Celeste and Naoh'a Jawental


    Additional pictures provided by Arkana Grey

    All Saints Wake

    Starlight ball

    Open Stage Nights

    Additional pictures provided by Heath Tanner and Kairi Satomi

    Tonight's activities

    In order to keep the chat tidy, you will need to party up with the host for games. This is to ensure that dice rolls are kept within the party chat and do not clutter the chat box for other attendees.

    Chocolate Roulette
    Requires four or more people to play. Roll a /dice 20 and pick up a chocolate. If you roll a 1, it's a pearl sprout and you are out! Roll a 20 to find a salted caramel filling or be the last one in to get a prize! Be warned, the game master may add in extra pearl sprouts if the game goes on too long! (Too long = 5 rounds with no one out)

    Build a Snowman
    As a group, take it in turns to roll a /dice 6. Each number represents a piece of a snowman that you want to build. Complete him to win a prize! 1 - Hat, 2 - Eyes, 3 - Nose, 4 - Mouth, 5 - Scarf, 6 - Buttons

    Pin the Star on the Tree
    Be spun around three times by our game master and then roll a /dice. Get the right number and you will get the star in the right place. Do so and win a small prize. (Roll between 550 and 750 - Get 640-660 to get an even better prize)

    Fortune Telling
    Morgana will be downstairs offering fortune telling for all! Please see her if you would like to know what the future holds...

    Scavenger Hunt
    Answer the questions to be entered into the prize draw. You can find the form below:

    Secret Starlight

    This is an OOC gift giving! Don’t feel as if you can’t participate if your character wouldn’t.

    Too late to sign up? Would you rather give a random gift to a random person? Then simply bring something nice on the day and I will give it to a random participant also doing the same!

    This works as follows:
    You bring one SINGLE random present to the party on the day. Mina collects all the random presents and then they are mixed up and given out to participants who also brought random presents! Those participating in option 1 will not be included! Once again, please do not give Mogstation items and bear in mind not everyone is rolling in Gil. Minions are a great gift idea if you are struggling to choose. You will need to be able to attend the party to take part in this option!

    Contact me on Discord at Frainy#5826 if you have any questions.

    The basement

    To most, the basement is simply a storage room for the Sheep. To others who ask for the secret menu when asked for a password at the door, the basement is a place to release your frustrations in the fight cage!

    The basement is located in private room #1. Either F'rayr or the Chad clone inside will be available to ask people for the password and open the door to let people in. The room is free to use at any time and you can decide if your character would ICly know of it.

    Fighting in the cage is encouraged, there are no rules and fights are to be discussed between those taking part as to how they want to go about it. Dice? No dice? It's all entirely up to you and who you fight.

    Betting on the fights and other shady activities are allowed and encouraged. So long as the criminal activity does not spill out into the main bar, Mina has allowed the room to be used for such.

    The secret room within the basement and cage are the only places within the Sheep where fighting is allowed, and all other rules of the venue still apply.